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12.03.10 08:00:00
The present and the future of IPTV

On March 11, 2010 in Moscow, the IV Conference of IPTV-2010 took place. Participants discussed the current situation of digital television broadcasting in Russia and the tendencies of its further development.

How to increase the income of IPTV operator?

To date, IPTV operators have several sources of income: subscription fee for basic and premium packages, VOD ( Video on Demand), various types of PVR.

One possible solution to earn for IPTV-operators is to offer video services, the chief of the Moscow Telegraph video services department Sergey Mitin suggested. In his opinion, the most simple solution is to start using interactivity. There are examples of how the operator lays the advertising banners in the user’s interface. “Personally I don’t get annoyed by this, - shared his impression Mr. Mitin. - Moreover, we can take advantage of the interactivity, which is available to all service providers to IPTV. The operator is able to track whether the subscriber did something following the content advertising. As a result, we can conclude what services are the most attractive. The Web has such a mechanism working successfully, so now it's time to implement it in digital TV”.

If the user has at least one reason to order VOD?

“Long-suffering” was named the VOD service by the representative of the Moscow Telegraph. In support of his words Sergei Mitin showed a screenshot of the pages of one of the BitTorrent trackers, where some new items recently shown at the cinema screens were submitted. “The user doesn’t find himself in any difficulty to download them.
IPTV operator just can’t afford to pay for copyrights for such films. The other side of the availability of free access is that the Internet traffic today is almost worthless. About 80% of Muscovites enjoy unlimited Internet at high speeds”. As pointed out by Mr. Mitin, to compete with the zero price is hard. “However, virtually all operators invested in the platform of video on demand and are now waiting for the return. One option to load the equipment is to offer something that is not present on the torrent-trackers”, - says Sergey Mitin.

Experience of  IPTV

“The price of entering the IPTV market is very high, - began his speech CEO of 2KOM Alexander Henkin. - We tried to find a solution that will help overcome this obstacle. Conditional Access System for IPTV based on the IGMP protocol works in our company almost a year, and currently there are 50 free digital channels are being demonstrated in the network. Mr. Henkin called advantageous “the possibility of obtaining detailed statistics on the viewer for the provision of copyright holders. The pages of content owners are being created that allows to see needed data”.

The speech on the current and evolving Ericsson IPTV Application Platform (IAP) was delivered by head of IPTV in Ericsson Eastern Europe and Central Asia Dmitry Ilyin. To the features of working now IAP 2.1 version in the coming years will be added new capabilities. In version IAP 3.0 users will be offered advice and rating content, switch video from a PC / TV to a mobile phone and vice versa, the operator will receive the same global B2B service for communication with the content provider.

Responsibility of operators for distributing of the content by users

As it is known, the operators sometimes get letters from the major film companies, which indicate that their broadcast of a movie was copied and distributed illegally on the Internet.
On the question of what kind of responsibility the operator is liable in this case, the Director of Legal Department, System Mass Media (SMM), Pavel Katkov answered: “Content Protection is a severe headache for the copyright  holder. Operators are not responsible for the offense. Letters are sent with requests to assist in preventing further violations of the law”. One of the forms of active promotion Mr. Katkov called the encryption of information.
The outcome of the conference was that  the participants noted that to date more than 4% of Russians use digital television, while the world average coverage of digital TV is 2%. These data show the dynamic development of industry in Russia and may predict a good future of IPTV.

by Natalia Balyakova


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