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10.03.10 08:00:00
Cyrillic Runet starts this summer

On March 4, 2010 in Moscow a round table was held  during which the Director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU Andrei Kolesnikov answered reporters' questions about the features of the Center's work on the eve of the introduction of Cyrillic domain network. RF.

Runet in 2009

At the recent meeting the Coordinating Council of the Center of RU domain presented results for the year of 2009. As the director of the Coordination Center Andrei Kolesnikov noted, we are now seeing the increased activity on the Internet - the growth of the domain space was 37% (687,679 domains), against the planned 24% during the last year. This is due, according to him, to the fact that the Internet is increasingly strengthening its position in modern society, and the sites do not open just like that, but for very specific purposes, particularly for business. "Currently on the Web there are more than 2.6 million registered domain names. The number of domains in Russia ranks sixth in the world also it has the fastest growing national network.

Starting domain. RF
"The physical introduction of the domain .RF may be carried out in the middle or end of May 2010. I can say that the Cyrillic Internet in the country will appear before September,1 of 2010", - said Mr. Kolesnikov.

As is known, in an Internet community there have been fears that the launch of Cyrillic domain name would lead to a decrease in the popularity of the domain. RU. However, Andrei Kolesnikov said that he saw no sense to distinguish them and consider thrm as different resources. "In statistics, we will show uniform data. I do not think that they will compete with each other. I think at first the .RF will be additive to Runet",- reassured the head of the Coordinating Center.

Priority registration in .RF domains

As the representatives of the Coordination Center for  russian TLD said, currently priority is being given to the registration (reservation) of domain names for public authorities and registered trademarks in the Cyrillic alphabet. Prior to its inception has been reserved names: "GOS.RF", "Gosudarstvo.RF", "Prezident.RF", "Ministerstvo.RF.
On March, 2 of 2010 the number of registered domains was as much as 8217, of which 497 belonging to governmental agencies. According to the head of the Coordinating Center, situation with the name "Parliament" remains unclear, because the Federation Council of Russia and the same name trademark lay claims on it. "Registration is done according to the  right of priority of filing, and in this case the name may have been awarded to a commercial organization. Such situation must be decided between the organizations themselves, - said Andrei Kolesnikov. - Our main goal is that at the opening the space would be free from any conflicts".

The smiles of those present were brought by the topic of the certification of the speaker, who said that Russia must have "Sex.RF", which has already been registered.
With regard to the cost of registration, the Coordinating Center does not conduct the sale of domain names, so it does not possess such information. "In any case, - added Mr. Kolesnikov - registration is now worth virtually nothing, since the domain does not exist".

.RF and Russia's regions

It is believed that the Internet domains in the native language would be more in demand in the regions rather than in the Latin alphabet, and this will reduce the backlog lines from the center.
"The region will catch up with the capital when there will be adequate prices for the Internet, - shifted the angle of the discussions Andrei Kolesnikov. - Nevertheless, the sites on .RF may become of the local character, posed for a particular region or city. Of course, this will result in a greater number of Internet users - from schoolchildren to pensioners".
At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Kolesnikov painted a picture that may emerge in the near future. He predicts that soon different root domains will appear. "Own domain - is the brand, and it is likely that large global firms would be willing to have individual domain names. There are serious signs of the demand for it and probably within two or three years the technical restrictions will be lifted", - concluded Mr. Kolesnikov.

by Natalia Balyakova



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