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12.03.10 08:00:00
 | Мероприятия
The present and the future of IPTV
On March 11, 2010 in Moscow, the IV Conference of IPTV-2010 took place. Participants discussed the current situation of digital television broadcasting in Russia and the tendencies of its further development. Read more...
11.03.10 08:00:00
 | Сотовая связь
There will be more phones
As market participants note, the mobile retail segment recovers and reaches the pre-crisis level. According to MTS data, for the first two months of 2010 the number of mobile phones sales rose by 12%. In Euroset cited an even greater growth. However, experts note that the market volume in 2010 will not exceed the figures of 2009, as the average price of a phone fell about 1 thousand rubles. Analysts believe that this happened in no small part due to dumping, which is observed in the prices of the most popular brands of phones - Nokia and Samsung. Read more...
10.03.10 08:00:00
 | Мероприятия
Cyrillic Runet starts this summer
On March 4, 2010 in Moscow a round table was held during which the Director of the Coordination Center for TLD RU Andrei Kolesnikov answered reporters' questions about the features of the Center's work on the eve of the introduction of Cyrillic domain network. RF. Read more...
09.03.10 08:00:00
 | Интернет
Informating InterZet subscribers against one's will
On February, 24 at the web-forum of St. Petersburg based ISP Interzet several subscribers' complaints appeared who were randomly shown a page with ads. Its themes, as well as their respective logos, and even address of the page appear to be saying that this action has been organized by InterZet itself . Read more...
05.03.10 08:00:00
 | Сотовая связь
Mobile fraud: subscribers should remain vigilant
On March 4, the branch office of MTS North-West held a press conference on mobile fraud. Branch Director Ivan Zolochevskyi spoke about the traditional ways of cheating on the mobile phone and on how to confront this harmful trend. Read more...
05.03.10 08:00:00
 | Интернет
Urals and Volga regions are taken by Rostelecom
Yesterday the third competition for licenses to provide telecommunications services in mobile wireless access to the range of 2300-2400 MHz was held. At this time, Urals and Volga federal districts were at stake. Unexpected did not happened. In accordance with the decisions of the Contest Committee the winner on all 9-regions has become Rostelecom. Read more...
04.03.10 08:00:00
 | Интернет
From Russia to Europe. Analysts counted the traffic
The analytical agency AC & M Consulting presented its review of the interconnect market of international capacity rent and IP-transit from Russia to Europe. Analysts pointed out the increase in rent and IP-transit in 2009 to 31% and 23% respectively. Experts’ forecast for 2010 - the dynamics of the market rent will remain the same - 30%, but the volume of inter-operator market of international IP-transit will grow by more than 60%. However, not all market players agree with such assessments. Read more...
03.03.10 08:00:00
 | Интернет
Springtime failure on SPB-IX
On Monday, March 1, between 15 and 16 hours P.M. SPB-IX failed, resulting in traffic volume falling nearly 7 times. Workload of the band decreased from approximately 25Gb / s to just over 3Gb / s. Managers of SPB-IX indicated that the failure occurred due to violation by one of the SPB-IX participants of the technological conditions of the connection. The name of the wrongdoer was not called. Experts believe that a communication problem during this unexpected situation could have touched up to 85% of this traffic exchange point users. Operators noted that the accident was the largest in the last few years. Read more...
02.03.10 08:00:00
 | Мероприятия
IP-News roundtable on St. Petersburg data-centers market. Industry's development prospects.
On February, 26 in St. Petersburg the traditional monthly roundtable of information-analytical periodical IP-News with the support of companies APC, Peter-Service and D-Link was held. At this time the topic for the discussion was the market of data centers. Participants of the event - leading players in the industry - evaluated the current state of existing systems of uninterruptible power supply, discussed the problem of electricity in St. Petersburg, and also gave their forecasts for the market over the next 1-2 years. Read more...
01.03.10 08:00:00
 | Мероприятия
ComNews Conference on networks maintenance costs increase and operators' profitability growth
On 25-26 February 2010 Moscow hosted an international conference “Development of telecommunication backbone transport networks in Russia”. Top-managers of the leading companies of Russia and the world telecommunications market discussed topical issues of increasing infrastructure costs and ways to improve profitability of operators. Read more...
27.02.10 08:00:00
 | Кадры
Change of power in Nienschanz
After the recent purchase of Nienschanz-Telecom by PIN Telecom in the former personnel changes begin. Dmitry Novikov, CEO of Nienschanz-Home and Oleg Pavlov, CEO of Nienschanz-Telecom, both leave their posts. As reported by PIN Group, the decision to leave Novikov and Pavlov took by themselves, due to the fact that they could not see themselves in the structure of the new company. Read more...
26.02.10 09:00:00
 | Дата-центры
Rostelecom couldn't win them all
Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (Roskomnadzor) held the second contest in the series of four examinations of applications for licenses to provide telecommunications services of mobile wireless access in the range of 2300-2400 MHz. In 9 out of 10 lots the winner was Rostelecom. Other participants of the contest say that this outcome was predictable, because alternative operators had not too many chances to win, based on the conditions of the contest. Nevertheless, the Chechen operator Vainakh Telecom managed to do it. Representatives of the tender committee told IP-News, that this was due to the fact that Rostelecom indicated in the tender documentation incorrect information on the dates of the beginning of the provision of telecommunications services in Chechnya. Rostelecom originally stated that already in 1994 - 1997 years telephone services in the country were provided, while at the time in the region only satellite communications functioned. Read more...
26.02.10 08:00:00
 | Законодательство
Roskomnadzor will force to file the notification
Recently, on February 19, Roskomnadzor (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications) said that it will proceed to the response to those operators of personal data (PD), which has not yet notified about the processing of PD. So far it involves inspections of credit institutions, but soon it will affect all the operators of PD. Read more...
25.02.10 09:00:00
 | Разное
Who lands down Skype?
In St. Petersburg traffic coming from Skype often lands down on the telephone numbers that belong to large, including state-owned, city carriers and monopolies often not related directly to the field of telecommunications. In this case the owners of numbering capacity note that they do not work with Skype. Read more...
24.02.10 08:00:00
 | Кадры
Anton Shugai came back to Severen
Anton Shugai, former CEO of the ISP Severen-Home (brand Cifra ), after the sale of an asset of the company Summa Telecom came back to the old shareholders. Mr. Shugai became head of management company Severen, which previously worked only in investment management of company group Severen. The new Director General of the management company has new functions - in addition to financial controls he will oversee strategic projects, corporate development, etc. Previously, these duties were assigned to the heads of branches of the management company. Read more...
19.02.10 08:00:00
 | Дата-центры
DPC on Tsvetochnaya, 21: second failure
Yesterday, on February 18, 2010, seven months after a small-scale “failure” in early August 2009, a data-processing center (DPC) belonging to Selectel located on Tsvetochnaya ulitsa, 21 has been disabled once again. IP-News tried to find out what happened in DPC firsthand. Read more...
18.02.10 08:00:00
 | Разное
Golden Star went out
An ISP which worked under the brand name Golden Star (LLC Unlimline), apparently ceased to exist. Company’s office telephone number has been answered by representatives of other firms, while Unlimline leadership can not be contacted for a long period of time already. This company is a defendant in several debt claims in the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg. The debt is also confirmed by a number of telecommunication companies which were taking on lease ISP’s telecommunication channels, equipment, etc. Read more...
17.02.10 09:00:00
 | Дата-центры
Announcement: Round table on "Data Processing Centers. Industry's development and prospects"
On February 26 at the hotel «Ambassador. Фотогалерея. GDS коды: Amadeus: TPLEDAMB / Galileo: TP85821 / Sabre: TP71036 / Worldspan: TP44068» information periodical IP-News with support of PeterService and APC will gather representatives of city’s major telecommunication companies for a round table on prospects for the market development of data processing centers (DPC) and the current situation in this market. Read more...
16.02.10 09:00:00
 | Разное
HR and tariff innovations by NWT
OJSC North-West Telecom has introduced a new line of tariff plans for Internet Access through PON technology. As a result of the innovation the cost of service for PON-subscribers, which joined the network after February 10, increased by 5.11% compared with the previous rates. In the NWT explained that by doing so they plan to attract new subscribers to fixed-term contracts, in particular for 24 months. Tariffs under such contracts in many respects are equal to those that were previously under contracts for 12 months. Almost simultaneously with the new tariffs in the NWT a new appointment has been made - the “second” first deputy CEO became Alexei Shalagin, in December of last year appointed advisor to company’s CEO. Read more...
15.02.10 09:00:00
 | Интернет
Tascom's base stations will cover St. Petersburg
The operator of wireless Broadband Internet access Tascom plans to deploy 100 base stations for providing radio access before the end of 2010 in St. Petersburg. The size of investment in the project has not been disclosed. Market participants estimate it at the level of $25-30 million, and wonder why the company needs to build a dense radio network in the city with a high level of penetration of fixed broadband and wireless access for many operators is regarded as a very narrow segment, niche kind of business. Read more...
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Satellite and cable have different paths
   In the market of digital television and Internet the main positions are occupied by cable TV operators, Internet providers and companies providing access via satellite. On the place of satellite TV and the Internet on the mass market, and what are the expected prospects of the industry we spoke with Director of Marketing Department of Orion Express Maria Zhilina.
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