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Networking insecurities
Theoretically telecommunications operators are those who first may determine which threats to information security are becoming more or less relevant and what new ideas are born in the minds of hackers. Ultimately, the path to the objects of malicious attacks is running through their channels and servers. It would seem that today when the concept of telecom operators purpose is to provide channels, the rest is the concern of other market participants is perceived by everyone as a relic of the past, the initiatives of telecom operators in this endeavor are natural and inevitable. Read more...
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Fraud is leading Russian telecoms astray
Fraud in Russian telecommunications industry with operators taken in as victims having to offset the damage is accelerating its pace at picking up speed and expanding its presence as far as the technology progresses. On the other hand anti-fraud systems have no choice but catching up with perpetrators creativity. At the moment all markets leading operators spend tens of millions of rubles in the attempt to diminish their losses caused by telephone and Internet-thieves which are estimated at the average level of 5-7% to the desirable number of 0,5%. Read more...

Satellite and cable have different paths
   In the market of digital television and Internet the main positions are occupied by cable TV operators, Internet providers and companies providing access via satellite. On the place of satellite TV and the Internet on the mass market, and what are the expected prospects of the industry we spoke with Director of Marketing Department of Orion Express Maria Zhilina.
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